I absolutely love fun conceptual product photo shoots. If you are looking for a photographer that thinks with you on your brand and what kind of shoot would work best for you’r product and company I would love to help.



In need of a proffesional headshots? A lot of influencers and entrepreneurs ask me to help them with a proffesional headshots. They will use these photo’s on their website, marketing and social media accounts.
Let’s explore together how YOU can benefit with beautiful portraits for your business.



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branding photographs for customSALES-DRIVEN, CREATIVE

I don’t have to tell you that your audience needs to see your brand in a cohesive regular basis before they want to work with you. But then the problem starts. You realise all the photo’s are from different sources, with inconsistent light and mismatched editing. Therefore you’re visual presence is inconsistent. That’s where I come in to work on your visual brand. It’s my JOY to partner with creative entrepreneurs to help make that come to life!



Congratulations! You’re in search of a photographer that captures the family, or you’re loved ones in a fun and interesting way.
Or you’re looking for a photographer that captures YOU in a more intimate way? What ever you’re searching I am here to help create a comfortable settings, with backgrounds and props that symbolized the professions or passions of my subject(s).



Such an exciting thing you’re getting married! It is natural to want to have beautiful souvenirs of your wedding day or from the pre fun before the BIG day.Whatever it is from the engagement, trying on wedding dresses with your loved ones, bachelorette party or planning the wedding. If you want exquisite imagery that are fun and pure that tells a story find out how I can help you below.

Little introduction


My name is Phaidra Rullmann. Photographer in
‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands. I specialize in capturing special moments in time, as well as creating compelling visuals for clients in both photography and design.

I love working in this field. No assignment or product is ever the same and I’m able to fully explore my creative vision in the work. My key service I can provide;

  • I have my own style, but like to explore all options
  • Customer service we all like an enjoyable experience
  • Deliver on time
  • Knowledge about Business Innovation, graphic design, webdesign and photography

About Me: I love dogs, a good glass of wine, travel and the company of friends!

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I like to change the way brands and influencers connect with customers online and offline.

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An iconic image is much more than a snapshot of a single moment. Iconic photos show a split second in the history of our world. We portray relationships, situations and the passage of time. In a hectic and stressed out world, photography helps me to relax and enjoy my work.

Here you can find my core values as a photographer.
The on-going environmental crisis requires accelerated co-operation by all stakeholders. In my field that means being conscious which partners I colaborate with and what is my carbon footprint. To have a sustainable future we need a stable natural environment.

Enthusiasm and Humor
While shooting for the perfect image. One cannot work without a bit of enthusiasm and having humor on the workfloor. You can laugh while Aiming to be the best in your field. If you want to be grumpy that's your choice but do it outside.

Engage with stories through storytelling. Explore and play to create something new.
And have a creative culture surrounding you to learn from your competitors.

Respect and appreciate differences in age, gender, ethnicity, education, physical abilities, race, and religion among individuals while working with Phaiconics. During the creative process we include and not exclude people.
My style is natural and colorful and the goal is to capture everyone as Iconic as they are in any given situation. It makes me work a little harder, push a little farther, and strive to be better than I was the day before.